My First Event

How to set up tickets for sale, or for free events.

  1. Create an account so you can build an event.
  2. Login and familiarise yourself with the dashboard.
  3. Create an event by clicking the ADD NEW button.
  4. Fill in the form with all of your event details.
  5. Add an Event Image – make it large with a 2:1 ratio (eg 2000×1000)
  6. Create tickets at the bottom of the form. Enter ticket details such as ticket type and price (e.g GA – $45.00)
  7. Click SETTINGS and set ticket numbers and add an image to the ticket. Again we recommend an image ratio of 2:1 (e.g 900×450)
  8. Click save, and submit. Your event is now live.
  9. Share the URL to your chosen multi media platform or other medium you like.

At any time, you can login into your dashboard and make any changes you like to your event.

If you get stuck contact us – we’re here to help!