Getting Started

Selling tickets with us is easy. There are no set up fees, no hidden costs, no limits on how many events you want to list, or how many tickets you want to sell.

Create an account and within minutes you’ll be able to publish an event, and offer either free tickets, or sell tickets at whatever price you choose.
You’ll get a dashboard where you can monitor sales and generate reports.

We offer a variety of payment methods (banking direct or credit cards) and an affordable transaction processing fee. Your customers will find our checkout extremely simple to use, and very fast – we do not require an account to be created to purchase tickets.

All tickets are emailed immediately upon purchase. These tickets can be scanned directly off their phone, or by printout, by downloading our app which is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

Alternatively, guests can be checked in manually via your event within your dashboard, or by printing off the attendee list.

Check our payout schedule here to see how and when we make your payments.
Qualifying events can apply for early payouts. Contact us for more information.

How to set up tickets for sale, or for free events.

Click here to set up your first event!